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Who We Are

We manage government assisted housing programs designed to ensure that safe, adequate housing is available to those who could not otherwise afford it.

Area We Serve

Currently we manage 124 units located in Kindersley, Alsask and Marengo.

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At this time our units are administered under three programs:  Social, Affordable and Senior housing programs.  Each program has set maximum income levels and assets. See more….

Serving Kindersley and Area for over 40 Years

Ensuring That Everyone Has Safe, Adequate Housing

Property Locations

Family Housing

Our family housing is available under the social housing program.  The social housing program seeks to provide safe and adequate housing to families in need. For families, social housing is intended to be a short-term housing option.

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Senior Housing

Our senior housing is available for individuals who are 55+ with two programs: the social housing program and the senior housing program. The social housing program seeks to provide comfortable rental housing to seniors with low incomes, as the rent charged is based on the monthly income.

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Affordable Housing

Affordable Housing is available for singles, couples and families who meet the requirements for the program. For more information on the program, please see the affordable housing application cover letter.

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Program Eligibility

Our properties are managed under three programs: Senior, Social and Affordable Housing.  Each program is designed to ensure that safe, adequate housing is available to those who could not otherwise afford it and/or to provide comfortable housing to those who are nearing the age of retirement.

To see if you qualify for these programs, see the link below. If you are still not sure if you qualify, or if you have a particular situation you would like to discuss with us, contact our office at 306-463-3931!