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What is a thermostat, where do I find it and what does it do?  If these are some of the questions you have this article will help.

Where Can I find my Thermostat?

You can usually find your thermostat on a wall in a central location of your home. 

What Does It Look Like?

Quite often it will be a small square or rectangle shaped box with a dial or tab that spins or slides.  Some of the older styles will be round with a dial that turns. There are also digital thermostats which we didn’t discuss in this video.  Instead of a dial you turn or tab that you slide there are buttons that you push with digital numbers to read on a screen for the room temperature and settings.

 What Does It Do?

A thermostat is a control for the temperature in your home. When adjusting the temperature on the thermostat your heating and or cooling system will turn on or off as needed.  The system will start and shut off automatically once it reaches the temperature you set your thermostat at. 

How do I Use it?

To adjust your temperature, slide the tab up or down to the desired temperature. Most people keep their home temperature around 20 degrees.  There will be another small line that will show you the current temperature of the room.  You can adjust your dial or slide your tab higher than the room temperature to indicate you want heat.  You can also slide it below the current room temperature to turn down your heat.

!TIP:  If you are using a digital thermostat that is not wired into your furnace be aware that your batteries have a life span.  If you are away when its cold and they wear out, you can have a costly mess on your hands when the heat goes out causing your to pipes freeze and burst.

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