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How to Tell if your heat is working

No Heat? Not sure? First time renter?  New to the country or heating systems in general?  This resource will help you understand your heating system and if your heat is working.

First Steps

  • Before going any further, check to make sure you do not have a window open or partially open.  We’ve had no heat calls in past where it was cold because a window had been left open and the heat was unable to keep up.
  • Check to make sure your heat vents are open and that they are not covered with furniture or long curtains which can prevent the flow of your heat.  This can feel like you have no heat.
  • Check to make sure that your furnace filter is not plugged.
  • Check with your heating service provider if you pay for your own heating (for eg. Sask Energy). Confirm that your services are still in place and have not been disconnected n error or due to an outstanding bill.


What Heating System Do You Have?

The units we manage have either a hot water boiler or a forced air furnace heating system, so those will be the two systems we will be addressing in this article. Let’s take a quick look at these:

Forced Air Heating

This system is operated by a furnace which has a blower fan that blows heat through a series of vents.  The floor vents are found in each room usually under a window. The heat is controlled by a thermostat on the wall in a central location of the home.

Find your thermostat on the wall that controls your heat, look to see what temperature it’s at, adjust the needle or dial so that’s its higher than the current room temperature.  Most people keep their home heated to around 20 degrees.  After a few minutes your furnace should respond and start blowing hot air through the floor vents in each room.


! TIP:To keep your heat working efficiently make sure to check your furnace filter monthly and replace as needed.  When filters get plugged this can also limit your air flow.  Furnace filters come in different sizes and can be purchased at most local home hardware stores.  You will need to know the size of your filter so make note of that by looking at your old one before you go shopping.


There is air coming out of my vent but it’s cold?  If the air starts moving through but is cold, call your heating service as mentioned above (In Saskatchewan -Sask Energy) to make sure your heat/gas has not been disconnected.  Once you’ve confirmed that your services are still connected call your landlord if you rent or call a plumbing and heating company.  Your pilot light may be out or a flame sensor may need replacing.


There is no air moving and I cannot hear my furnace fan running when I turn the thermostat up? If the air does not start moving or you cannot hear the furnace fan start after you turn your thermostat up, check for a fan switch located on the wall somewhere in the same room as your furnace.  This switch usually looks like a light switch and may or may not be labeled with something like “furnace” or “fan”.  Make sure it is switched to the on position. When it is switched off the fan will not run.


Hot Water Heating

This system runs on a boiler, also known as baseboard heating. Boiler systems are most commonly used in apartment buildings.  This system uses metal pipes of hot water running through each room along a wall and is covered by a metal cover.

Find your thermostat on the wall that controls your heat, look to see what temperature it’s at, adjust the needle or dial so that’s its higher than the current room temperature.  Wait for your heat to respond.


! TIP:  Adjust your thermostat in small increments.  Hot water heating takes longer to heat or cool a unit.


I turned up my thermostat but I’m still cold?  Hot water heating takes longer to respond when heating or cooling a room.  It does not respond as fast as a furnace does. As a rule of thumb make smaller adjustments on your thermostat at a time to increase the rooms temperature and wait for an hour or two.

If your heat is working the pipes that run along the wall will be hot with VERY hot water running through them.  DO NOT touch these pipes directly but if there is a cover you can place your hand above or on it to see if it’s warm.  If you have turned up the heat and placed your hands over the cover and there is no heat, then call your landlord if you rent or a heating and plumbing company if you own.


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Download our No Heat Checklist for a quick reference.


No Heat Checklist


You can also download the Saskatchewan Housing Corporation Tenant Resource Manual  for other tips and tricks here.


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